Green Home Design

The Green Home design options below are available to clients.

Green Home Design is a trend in residential construction that considers the environmental impact during the building’s life cycle as well as the functionality of the building. Building green looks to energy efficiency as well as the choices made for your home’s foundation, walls, windows, roof and in how you orient your house with respect to the sun and lot. Decisions made early in the design process have a huge impact on how the house will perform over its lifetime – not only how much energy will be required to operate it, but also how comfortable it will be to live in.

Waugh Custom Homes has been certified by the National Association of Home Builders as a “Green Builder” and can build your home to an unusually high level of energy efficiency.

Green design can improve the sustainability, energy efficiency and livability of a home through use of the following techniques and products:

Use of sustainable and renewable materials

Energy-efficient Building Techniques

Water Conservation

Indoor Environmental Air Quality